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I have to go to the hospital? Well, I was just hoping you’d give me a water pill to make the swelling go down. Are you sure this is serious?

—Severely edematous (swollen from fluid leaking out of her blood vessels into her soft tissues) and dyspneic (having trouble breathing) woman, proving that women can also Downplay the Symptoms.

And just for fun, I’ve put together a list of all the "serious" tests and interventions that this woman underwent after getting admitted to the hospital for what turned out to be severe Congestive Heart Failure + Pulmonary Hypertension, exacerbated by years of smoking and drinking:

  • Chest xrays (fluid on the lungs!)
  • Chest CAT scan (LOTS of fluid in the lungs!)
  • Chest and Heart Ultrasound (DAMN that’s a lot of fluid — and oh look, her heart is pumping at 1/5th of expected efficiency!)
  • Pleurocentesis (sticking a needle into the space between the lung and the ribcage to drain out fluid)
  • Ultrasound of her stomach (yep, fluid in there too!)
  • Abdominal Pericentesis (another day, another needle, another drainage)
  • Ultrasound of her veins and arteries in her legs and arms (them veins are in bad shape!)
  • Days of IV diuresis (to make her pee out all the extra liquid — after 4 days, 20 liters have left the building!)
  • Mechanical breathing support (until her lung fluid got emptied out)
  • Consults of pulmonologists, cardiologists, general surgeons, and vascular surgeons (to do all the procedures)

Guess I should’ve just sent her home with a water pill, huh? :)

(Source: cranquis)

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